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why memory management in os
Memory management

Why memory management?

In the mono programming or uni programming system, the main memory divided into two parts, one for the operating system and another for the job who is currently executing. Consider the above figure.

Here partition B is allowed for the user process. But some part of the partition B wasted. Blocked lines are indicating the wastage of memory in the above figure.

What is memory management?

In a multiprogramming environment, the userspace divides into several partitions. Each partition is for one process. The task of the subdivision is carried out dynamically by the operating system. That task is called Memory Management in operating system.

Efficient memory management is possible with multiprogramming. A few processes are in the main memory, and the remaining process is waiting for I/O. That's why the processor will be idle. Thus memory needs to be allocated efficiently to send as many as processes into it.

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