Characteristics of Modern Operating System

Modern Operating System
Modern Operating System

Huge lines of code, a huge number of unnecessary features are not only good characteristics of a modern operating system. There are many features and functions of the operating system discussed below.

Object-Oriented Design

An object-oriented operating system is an operating system that uses object-oriented design principles.


An application or program divided into the number of smaller tasks, these tasks executed by the processor concurrently(at a time). These smaller tasks are called threads. A thread is a lightweight process and dispatchable unit of work.

A thread has some of the characteristics of a process, but the difference is several threads sharing the same memory space, the process doesn't share the memory space. For example, when we type a document in MS-Word, typed text can be formatted automatically, spelling check automatically, these individual tasks are called threads.

Process and Threads in Operating System

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Symmetric Multiprocessing

If a computer has more than one processors, these processors can share the same memory, data path, and I/O facilities, and the processors share the same job for execution, then the system is called a symmetric multiprocessing(SMP).

Distributed Operating System

A distributed operating system is an operating system that runs on a network of computers. The operating systems, memory files are shared by the number of users in the same network from the server. Read more about Distributed Operating System

Microkernel Architecture

A microkernel is a minimal operating system that performs only the essential functions of an operating system. System processes perform all other operating system functions. Here the system process means servers. A system which contains the servers is called a client-server model.

Traditional Unix System

The rapid growth of Unix is due to many factors, i.e., its portability to a wide range of machines, adaptability, simplicity, wide range of tasks it can perform, its multi-user and multitasking nature, and suitability for networking.

The main features of Unix operating system are discussed below
  • Ability to support multi-user and multitasking.
  • Excellent network environment.
  • Adaptability and simplicity.
  • It provides the better security.
  • Flexible file system.

I hope you have cleared about the characteristics of the modern operating system.

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